Student Services

• Career Placement
Our students are eligible to make use of the placement services offered through the Student Services Department. These services include assistance with updating resumes and tips on interviewing skills.
• Employment Placement Assistance
The academy assists current full-time students in finding part-time employment. Cilantro Culinary Academy provides employment placement assistance. Securing a job is based on individual performance and experience.
• Career Development
Students will have access to resources and assistance with resume preparation, interview skills and job search periodicals. Students will also be coached in appropriate dresscode and interview skills while attending Cilantro Culinary Academy and prior to entering industrial training.
• Student ID Card
A Student ID card is issued through the Student Services Department. Student ID cards are used as security access in our academy, for discounts on travel, movies, local restaurants and more!
• Counselling
Counselling is available to all students for career and academic reasons. Friendly and always confidential, we maintain contacts with various community organisations and agencies to help meet the student's personal needs.
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