A Great Milestone Achieved

Established since 2006, Cilantro Culinary Academy has insisted on its mission – guiding youths to become accomplished professional in both culinary and pastry throughout Malaysia. Its outstanding contribution and the positive impact made on students in food and beverage industry has recently recognized internationally as it has been awarded “The International Centre of Excellence - Asia Pacific” by City & Guilds, a world leader in skills development! This title is awarded to a total of only 5 centres across Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Caribbean, Middle East and South Asia.

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At the beginning, Cilantro Culinary Academy had been highly honoured to be associated with City & Guilds. Through the long-term partnership, City & Guilds has helped a lot on giving credence to Diploma Qualifications offered by Cilantro. Moreover, with the launching of Global Culinary Certification Scheme which was designed by World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) in partnership with City & Guilds, the graduates from Cilantro will be eligible for automatic certification at the Professional Cook Title (Commis) level upon completion of City & Guilds Diploma Programme. It makes the learners more appreciative and confident to enroll in Cilantro.

Being the largest private vocational culinary and pastry academy in Malaysia, Cilantro has more than 15 training kitchens and a line-up of professional trainers with extensive working experiences in 5-star hotels to provide its students with high standards of quality education. By prioritising hands-on practical skills, its emphasis is on teaching students from scratch and therefore, discouraging the use of pre-mix ingredients in class. Here, students spend 70% of their time mastering their skill in kitchen. As the phrase “Practice makes perfect”, it believes in equipping students with essential skills and knowledge, enabling them to master their craft and more adaptable to a fast-changing work place in the future. The rest of their time is spent in classrooms learning various other subjects on budgeting, costing management, food nutrition and more.

If you are not sure about your interest whether in culinary or pastry, you may attend a special programme called Career Discovery Programme (CDP) offered by Cilantro. It is a four-day programme which allows you to engage in hands-on culinary & pastry skills to learn 7 recipes. Most importantly, it can help you make a right choice in education at the turning point of your life by giving you insights to be a chef.

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