Career Discovery Programme

Terms & Conditions

  • To join the programme, student must:
    - Pay a deposit of RM 600.00 before the programme begins.
    - Deposit paid is not refundable or transferable before CDP classes start.
    - Refund will be forfeited if not claimed within 6 months after CDP.
  • Follow rules & regulations as stated below:
    - Wear Short Sleeves Collar T-Shirt. No Long Sleeve Shirts allowed.
    - Wear Long Jeans or Slack only. No Short Pants allowed.
    - Wear Shoes that cover the entire feet. No Slippers allowed.
    - Finger nails are short and not polished.
    - Hair must be Short for Male. As for Female, they should bun up neatly.
    - Participate in cleaning the kitchen after class ends.
  • Should student decides not to join our course, RM 530.00 will be refunded.
  • Please allow 1 month preparation for refund if student decides not to join our course.
  • CDP Students must take their own risk a they will be dealing with sharp objects like knives, hot objects like ovens and stoves, and other tools that could lead to injury, if not handled properly. Cilantro will not be responsible for any injury that occurs during the trial class, but will be assisted as much as we could, should such accident happens.

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