5 Qualifications from 4 different countries all in ONE academy

5 Qualifications from 4 different countries all in ONE academy, Cilantro Culinary Academy provide students with the best quality of vocational education on a global scale. Graduates from Cilantro Culinary Academy will gain a competitive advantage at an early stage as they strive to succeed in the challenging food and beverage industry.

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SKM 2 & SKM 3 (Malaysian qualifications)
  • A certification established by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK)
  • Nationally recognised qualification by both private companies and governmental agencies
  • A pre-requisite to many vocational training institutes
Level-2 IVQ Diploma in Culinary & Patisserie
(UK qualification)
  • City & Guilds is the only awarding body solely dedicated to vocational learning in the United Kingdom (UK)
  • An internationally recognised certification as a benchmark for excellence
Worldchefs Certified Professional Cook (Commis Chef)
  • Cilantro Culinary Academy is being awarded with World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) Recognition of Quality Culinary Education Award
  • With this recognition, Cilantro’s graduates are eligible for automatic certification at the Professional Cook (Commis Chef) level upon completion of City & Guilds diploma programme
  • A global recognition of skills and industry experience
Certificate III in Commercial Cookery / Patisserie (Australian qualification)
  • A pre-requisite to become a Professional Chef in Australia
  • Leads to an academic pathway up to degree studies level in Australia
  • Cilantro Culinary Academy is a pioneer leader to offer a qualification according to the Australian Qualification Framework
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