The Art of Dim Sum Course

Dim Sum (literally meaning "a bit of heart") is the name for a Chinese cuisine which involves a wide range of light dishes served alongside Chinese Tea.

During the lession, all the Dim Sum are prepared alongside by professional Hotel Chinese restaurant chef formulas. You'll learn the professional technique which we use in the hotel and restaurants while preparing the dough and the filling.

We are genuine hands-on cooking lessons, you are required to make all Dim Sum with your own hands, and it takes time for a beginner.

*HRDF Claimable under SBL Scheme

Please download the leaftlet visuals for more details course outline.

Dim Sum Course - Part 1

  • LDS1 : Char Siew Bun
  • LDS2 : Custard Cream Bun
  • LSD3 : Siew Mai Filling
  • LDS4 : Har Kaw Filling
  • LDS5 : Baked Dumpling
  • LDS6 : Prawn and Cuttlefish Paste
  • LDS7 : Fried Dumpling
  • LDS8 : Dumpling Festival
  • LDS9 : Shanghai Style Dim Sum
  • LDS10: Glutinous Rice Dim Sum

Dim Sum Course - Part 2

  • LDS1 : Sweet Savoury Pastries
  • LDS2 : Assorted Entrees
  • LSD3 : Steam Savoury Pastries
  • LDS4 : Sweet Savoury Pastries 2
  • LDS5 : Mooncake Delight
  • LDS6 : Mooncake Delight 2
  • LDS7 : Fried Savoury Pastries
  • LDS8 : Creative Dumpling
  • LDS9 : Sweet Savoury Pastries 3
  • LDS10: Fried Savoury Pastries 2
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