Thai Fruit and Vegetable Carving Course

NEW introduction to the art of Thai style Fruit and Vegetable Carving!

Learn innovative ways to garnish, plate and decorate with this course. Discover ancient Asian Culinary art form to enhance your culinary career. With over 30 years of experience, Master Carver Wan Hertz is one of the premier teachers of the arts of fruit and vegetable carving in Thailand. You will be equipped with the traditional technique that will transform mere ordinary into something exquisite. 

*HRDF Claimable under SBL Scheme

Please download the leaftlet visuals for more details course outline.


Course Pathway/ Duration : 
Basic Course (3days) » Intermediate Course (3days) » Professional Course (3days)
Entry Requirement : 
¤ Suitable for those with an interest in fruit and vegetable carving
¤ Suitable for those with a firm knowledge of culinary and pastry skills; they want to pursue specialist knowledge to enhance their presentation skills to next level

    Basic Course
    Carving Basic - Proper Care of Tools and Introduction to Thai Technique
    Fruit and Vegetable Selection
    Flowers and Leaf Techniques
    Garnishes for Cocktails, Plating and Presentation
    Melon Design Introduction
    Intermediate Course
    Delicate and Intricate Garnishes
    Simple Serving Vessels
    Geometric Floral Designs
    Traditional Animal Forms
    Intricate Flowers
    Elegant and Complex Centrepiece
    Advanced Course
    Delicate and Intricate Garnishes
    Complex Serving Vessels
    Dragon Carving
    Exotic Animal Form
    Intricate Floral Forms
    Elegant and Complex Centrepiece Design
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